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Authorised by IPO Pakistan under the legal cover of Pakistan’s Copyright Ordinance, COMP has been endorsed by a collective of local artistes & musicians to ensure the transparent and efficient recovery & distribution of royalties between Music Users and Music Creators. It is COMP’s mission to breathe new life into the country’s ailing music industry and make Pakistan IP compliant.


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COMP ensures that content creators receive payment every time their work is used and that they are justly compensated when their original content is broadcast, performed or otherwise publicly disseminated.
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If your Company/ Business/ Organization plays, broadcasts or diffuses music content that falls within COMP’s controlled repertoire during the course of its  business, you are required to purchase a licence for such usage in order to compensate the artiste whose intellectual property you are utilising.

Music Usage Licence Form for General Businesses (PDF)
Music Usage Licence Form for General Businesses (Docx)

If you are Media Broadcaster engaged in the broadcast and diffusion of music content via Television, Radio or the Internet or if your organisation plays advertisements which feature musical content you are required to purchase a Broadcast Licence from COMP in order to broadcast music content which falls under COMP’s controlled repertoire.

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If you are performing your own songs or compositions publicly,
you should be rewarded for these performances

COMP can help make sure this happens!

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